Saturday, May 3, 2008

My 1st Video Newsletter

Thanks for visiting my new Blog!

I hope you enjoy this first installment of my new Video Newsletters.


Jozie said...

The video blog is FANTASTIC. Better than reading. So nice to hear from you again, and to see the baby. How quickly they grow. You have been so missed on DWTS but looks like you've had your hands full. Take care, and keep me on your mailing list.

Blessings to you and your family,

Mike said...

You were amazing tonight on the 100th Episode Ash!

Love you!

Elise said...

Hello! I am Elise Barney and I used to dance at Center Stage. You might still remember me, but I came across your blog and thought that that was cool. I didnt know that you were married and had a baby. You are a really good dancer on Dancing with the Stars. You should try out for So You Think You Can Dance.

Elise said...
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AFCavemen said...

Hi Ashly!!This is McKaela Bennett from DWA and from Center Stage!(Obviously) I was on YouTube and noticed that you had a blog! So I decided to look at it and it's AMAZING!!I love it! You son is so handsome and adorable!!!

Miss you!-

McKaela Bennett